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Glam Photo Booth

Experience the glamour of a Kardashian-style photo booth, where your photos are instantly enhanced with meticulous editing. Our booth adds a touch of elegance with subtle skin smoothing and a subtle glow, providing you and your guests with that coveted celebrity appearance.

What's a Glam Photo Booth?

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The Glam Photobooth has gained popularity among numerous celebrities, notably the Kardashians and even the Biebers! This type of booth is renowned for its knack for making everyone in the photo appear glamorous and runway-ready.

At your wedding, birthday, or any significant occasion, our Glam Photobooth rental ensures you capture cherished memories. The timeless black and white aesthetic guarantees a picture that you and your guests will treasure for years to come.

Simply strike a pose and leave the rest to our booth. It takes care of the entire process effortlessly.

What makes a glam photo booth so special?

Capture the magic of your wedding day with photographs that will be treasured forever. What makes a Glam Photobooth unique is its emphasis on the "glam" factor. Unlike other options, our photo booths provide a glamorous touch to every picture. Guests won't need to rely on their own filters, as our booths offer studio-quality images with built-in features such as automatic skin smoothing and a radiant glow. In other words, everyone will appear camera-ready and flawless in these photographs!

When you choose a Glam Photobooth rental, you have several options to consider. The Selfie-Glam Cam provides stunning filters and impeccable lighting, perfect for capturing the ultimate selfie with instant digital sharing. On the other hand, the Pro Glam Cam ensures professional-grade filtered images for larger groups and offers prints. Additionally, we provide personalized templates for the photographs, allowing everyone to remember this special event for years to come.

Glam Photo Booth Packages


Pro Glam Booth

Experience the brilliance of professional-grade studio images enhanced with real-time skin smoothing and radiant glow effects.

  • 3 hours of booth time

  • 2 Booth attendants

  • Photos

  • Colour or Black & White

  • Instant text sharing from booth

  • Personalized template

  • White 8x8 backdrop

  • Early Set up

  • Breakdown

  • Professional online gallery 

  • Digital copies of all your files

Starting at $599


Glam Photo Booth

  • Achieve a flawless, airbrushed appearance on your wedding day with a customized skin-smoothing filter.

  • Preserve your precious memories for eternity with digital copies of your photographs.

  • Delight your guests with professional-grade images that make for the perfect wedding favor.

  • Add a personal touch to your special event with uniquely tailored templates.


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