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360 Photo Booth Rentals Minneapolis

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Choice of 3 unique photo booth experiences


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Over 25,000+ pictures and videos taken for guests


Capture the Joy!
Elevate Your Event with Unforgettable Photo Moments

Imagine hosting an event that feels just like any other - the guests arrive, they mingle, the event ends, and nothing memorable lingers. 🤷‍♂️

It’s frustrating when your special day is forgotten soon after the last guest leaves. 🕒

Now picture this — despite the effort and investment, the smiles and laughs are fleeting. 😟

The spark that should light up your occasion seems dimmed by predictability and a lack of engaging activities.


Your guests deserve more than just another cookie-cutter gathering. ⏳

That’s where we step in! 🌟 With our premium photo booth experiences, we transform ordinary events into extraordinary celebrations. 🎈

Picture your guests laughing together as they strike fun poses, capturing memories that will adorn their walls and social feeds for years to come. 📸😊

With us, your event is not just another date on the calendar—it becomes a cherished memory that keeps on giving joy and smiles. 📅❤️

360 photo booth fun with wedding guests

Photo Booth Benefits

Benefits you and your guests will surely love

Instant Fun and Engagement

Our photo booths are the perfect ice breaker, guaranteeing your guests are entertained and engaged.

Customizable Experiences

From glamorous backdrops to funky props, tailor your photo booth to match the theme and spirit of your event

Memories to Keep

Guests leave with personalized photos/videos on hand, ensuring your special day is remembered and revisited often.


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A group of friends taking a group video with silly props in the wedding photo booth

Many clients already trusted us to make their events more fun!

Gelsomena Moua

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Google Review
I had such an amazing experience and love how friendly everyone was! Absolutely loved Shannon and Tuphong! Very professional and it’s for all ages. It was a great experience and the atmosphere created made it more fun!



How much space is needed for a photo booth?

A minimum space of 8ft x 8ft x 10ft is required for our digital/print booths. For our 360 Booth we require 12 ft x12ft x 10ft.


How far in advance should I book?

We recommend to reserve your event date as soon as possible so we have the appropriate time to give you the best photo booth experience.


What's the difference between a 360 Booth and other Photo Booths?

Our 360 booth creates stunning videos which give your guests the ultimate Hollywood experience. Our other photo booths are great for small or large group photos, creating studio-quality images and options of professional prints, which will also give guests the celebrity look!


Do you service outdoor events?

Yes we do service outdoor events, under the conditions of having our booth placed under a canopy/tent and favorable weather conditions.


Are setup and take-down part of the package?

Yes, setup and takedown are already included in the price! It does not affect the time that we operate at your event.

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